Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life in a state of constant complaints

I tend to be a very critical person. However, lately I have been taking on a new attitude. I no longer want to live my life in a state of constant complaints. I want to take things as they come. While it saddens me to say - it isn't all about ME! I feel as though people have the choice to be happy or not. Today I choose to be happy - and not complain. How about you?


Faith said...

While we have no control over other people's personalities, or situations at work, home, etc..we can certainly choose how we respond. Contentment is a state of mind! Thanks for the reminder that it doesn't always have to go MY way. Take care, Faith

Liz said...

It's so funny, I would never have seen you as a complainer! I find you totally pleasant and a JOY to be around!! :)