Monday, August 18, 2008

It is all about the details..

Mike and I just got new doors installed. We bought these doors back in the beginning of June and they only just got installed today. I will leave the name of the company out, but needless to say I am less than impressed.

I had to call them before I left for convention to find out why they had not called me to schedule the install. They said the doors had come in damaged and they had just received them so they could schedule the install now. convenient...

So we schedule them, I take the day out of work and they don't show up. I call them to find out that the "guy" (apparently there is only one) called in sick. So they schedule me for a Saturday which they never do - and I should be so happy they are fixing this for me. Well that would have been fine if when they showed up on Saturday to install my doors that they had the right doors. NOPE! They sent three guys to install 4 doors, only got 1 installed because the other three were the wrong ones.

They were so sorry and we will schedule this again for you... This reschedule was today. Today, they sent 1 guy to install 3 doors. He worked his butt off and I was so appreciative of his hard work and attention to detail. Less impressed with the sales guy - who clearly messed this whole thing up..or at least did not pay attention to details.

So remember in your day to day life - that it is all about the details. The most important detail is followup!

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