Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet my KitKat

Hi Readers, I wanted to introduce you to my KitKat. He is the baby of the family and is so lovable. As I type this he is taking a cat nap on his favorite place in the house. This would be my lap. He is afraid of strangers so very few visitors have ever seen him in person. Although some times I sneak a visitor in to see him in his hiding spot, but he doesn't like it.


Liz said...

KitKat is precious!! What a great picture! :) Miss you!

Mandy said...

I used to have a cat named KitKat, too! :) We had to get rid of her, though, because we found out I am allergic and she also did not do well when we had kids.

Katie said...

What an adorable kitty!!!