Monday, September 22, 2008

Results Have Been Posted!

I came in 3157th with a time of 36:44. This is my best time yet - no wonder I was so tired after!!! This might be the event that gets me scrapbooking.

I am not much of a scrapbooker - always feel like it is a huge task to create a whole book. My solution for this is that I will be making two pages for each event/trip. Just dab of what I did vs documenting the whole thing. Now to look through and find just the right Designer Paper!! Woo Hoo!! I am so excited!!!!


Katie said...

Congratulations! That is an awesome time!!!

Faith said...

Whoa! You beat half of the runners!! Great accomplishment and great time! I'll bet you are feeling pretty proud right about now!!

Liz said...

Way to go Danielle!!! :) I look forward to seeing what you scrapbook about your events too!!! :) Maybe you can encourage us as well...I need MAJOR help in that department. :)
Liz :)

Tammy said...

Great job Danielle!!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment. You must have felt awesome!! Miss you! Tammy :o)